Other services

Aside from processing immigration requirements and visa to the Philippines, PHLVISAS also offers assistance in acquiring the following documents and services:

This document helps the Bureau of Immigration (BI) monitor all departures of expatriates in the Philippines.

All foreign nationals holding a tourist visa (9A) and staying for more than six months must obtain an ECC at least 72 hours before departure from the country.

The ECC has a validity of one month from date of issuance and may be used only once. Processing of the ECC usually takes a week.


This is the process wherein a foreigner’s work visa is converted into a temporary visitor or tourist visa (9A) so that they can continue to stay legally in the Philippines.

Downgrading is done due to (1) end of contract with the employer, (2) change of the current work visa to another type of work visa, or (3) change of employer or the expatriate has resigned from his current employer.


The AEP is one of the major requirements in work visa application. This is granted to foreign nationals who wish to work in the Philippines.

This is usually applied along with a work visa (9G) and does not give an expatriate authority to work unless he or she has a corresponding work visa. Issuance, renewal, cancelation, and revocation of this document are done by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).


In support of visa applications, PHLVISAS also assists expatriates who are receiving income for their services in getting a TIN for their convenience.


PHLVISAS assists in authenticating foreign documents thru Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Red Ribbon Services.



PHLVISAS also processes visas for Filipinos who wish to travel to other countries.

Local clients include corporate entities doing business-related trips and individuals traveling for leisure purposes.

PHLVISAS provides assistance in the online application, lodging of applications and release of passport with approved visas from select Embassy and Consulates.